Monday, December 15, 2014

2 months old!

Lincoln turned 2 months old on Saturday.

He is 10 lbs 8 oz and about 23 inches long (or a bit more depending on who's measuring).

He's such a cutie!

Lincoln loves:
-spitting up and pooping (he gets extra smiley and fun when he's doing either one lol)
-his daddy
-car rides, especially looking out the windows
-Christmas lights
-hitting at toys and feeling soft things with his fingers
-being outside
-looking around
-being bounced
-having his back patted
-being in the boba carrier

Lincoln hates
-having to wait more than 2 milliseconds to be fed
-getting out of the warm bath water
-having a bottle removed from his mouth for any reason

If you would have asked me a week ago I would have said "sleep, especially naps", but we're getting better.

We sure love this little guy! He's a smiley boy and has started making lots of cute noises. He has the strongest neck of any teeny baby I've ever seen; he doesn't like to lay his head down ever (like when you put him on your shoulder to burp him). He just keeps his head up and looks all around!

Here are some pictures!

I was taking all these cute pictures and Lincoln decided to share his lunch with his fans ha ha. 

Friday, December 12, 2014

Random thoughts this fine day

- How is it the middle of December already? I don't even have my Christmas decorations up. That'll be on the list for tonight.

- The other day Bryan and I had a conversation about how sad it is that Lincoln is not of the Harry Potter Generation. Waiting for the next book to come out, not knowing for sure if Snape was good or bad, and holding your breath for pages at a time were all defining characteristics of my childhood and teenage years.

- I think we'll be like our dads were for us with regards to Star Wars-- show our kids the Harry Potter movies on Friday nights, bring out the books and say "I know you really like [insert newfangled series here], but now we're going to read one of my favorites from when I was little", and be altogether nerdy until they realize they love it too.

- Can you believe that Lincoln will be a third generation Star Wars fan?

- I'm thinking I really like the idea of, for Christmas presents for kids, get them something they want, something to read, something to wear, and something to eat. So, for the last one for Lincoln I will be wrapping up a box of formula. Ha ha. Bryan laughed when I told him that.

- Poor little buddy got his 2 month shots today. There were lots of vaccinations-- 6 I think? He yelled at the nurse when she poked him but as soon as the bandaids were on he was fine. A few hours later he's a bit grumpy and everything but he'll be fine. I let him work out his legs a bunch right after which makes it way better.

- I got our Christmas cards ordered finally. Perhaps it was the 60 degree weather (!?!) that lulled me into a false sense of security, letting me believe I had all the time in the world to get them done lol.

- Bryan is starting to hear back from grad schools about interviews. Can I just brag for a second and say that in two days he got two phone calls, one from WashU in St Louis and one from Princeton. They both really want him to come interview! He got an interview at Princeton?! That's awesome. :) It'll be a while before we know where all he'll be interviewing, longer before we know where he's accepted, and even longer (like the end of March?) before we have any idea where we're going to decide to go... but it's kind of exciting! Crazy, but exciting!

- Have an awesome weekend everybody!

Wednesday, December 10, 2014

Dang that baggie...


Oh, Sunday.

For my whole life I've gone to church every Sunday. And yes, I go to worship God and take the Sacrament, but I am also such a creature of routine that I go because that's just what I do-- I go to church on Sundays.

Since Lincoln has been born, Sundays have been hard and I haven't been to church a whole lot. For the past while I've tried to at least make it for Sacrament meeting since that's the most important part, but I had yet to make it to all three meetings.

Well, this week I made a goal to stay for the whole three hours.

We fed Lincoln and everything and he fell asleep right as we got to Sacrament meeting. Sweet.

He slept through Sacrament meeting and even through Sunday school. (A two hour nap?! CELEBRATION!)

At the end of Sunday school he started stirring. I had him in the front carrier, and I realized that I should maybe make a bottle so I'd be prepared when he awoke and was instantly hungry and (Nursing in public is still a fiasco.) So, in the break between classes I sat there and attempted to make a bottle.

I could barely see what I was doing because Mr Tall Baby was strapped on my too-short-torso, but I pulled out the baggie of formula and the bottle. My friend (who has 3 kids and is seriously pro) was sitting next to me.

As I gradually caused more and more of a fiasco, she helped me more and more... picking up bottle pieces as they rolled across the floor, holding things as I tore open a corner of the baggie, holding more things as the formula poofed all over my dress and everywhere but the bottle (it seemed) because the hole wasn't big enough and I couldn't see what I was doing... and so on.

Dang that baggie.

She also reassured me that it was okay that I looked like a clueless new mom. :)

She made small talk while I tried to force the formula out of the too-small baggie hole.

She suggested I get a formula dispenser instead of doing the baggie thing every time...



Eventually I got that stupid bottle made and Lincoln woke up and everything was fine as he laid in my formula-dusted lap and ate.

...until he had a giant poop explosion that I'm sure echoed off the cinderblock walls...

... I gave up and left.

Another mom was in the mother's lounge where I changed his diaper.

She just had her 7th baby and told me a few tips that would make changing poopy diapers easier.

Told you I look a little clueless regarding this "mom" thing.

And that afternoon my friend brought over an extra formula dispenser she had and gave it to me.

Props to all moms everywhere who are functioning human beings and who ever make it through church on Sundays.