Saturday, April 25, 2015

Bryan's graduation (part 1)

Yesterday Bryan celebrated his graduation! He graduated with a Bachelor's of Molecular Biology degree in December but he got to celebrate yesterday. It was fun! I'm proud of him and we're glad so many people could come celebrate with us!

Graham crackers got him through the loooong convocation ceremony. 

Michelle and her fiancé James

Lincoln and his grandpas

Bryan's parents and his grandma and grandpa Merrill

Monday, April 20, 2015

6 months!

Well, Mr. Lincoln is 6 months old! (He turned 6 months old last Monday but I'm getting around to this now. :) )

Can you believe it? Crazy.

Weight: 18.65 lbs (72nd percentile)
Length: 27.5 inches (84th percentile)
Head circumference: 17.5 inches (82nd percentile)

Big boy we've got here. :) We love it.

Some physical things he can do:

-He can roll both ways and all that, he just doesn't do it a whole lot. He's usually content to be on his back (for short periods of time) and has no desire to be on his belly.

-He's really good at grabbing small things, passing toys back and forth from one hand to another, playing with little things, feeling things with his fingers, etc.

-He can rotate himself all around to face whatever direction he wants when he's on his back

-He can sit by himself quite well. He likes sitting on couches, chairs, in shopping carts, etc.

-He doesn't always like to put weight on his legs when he hold him to try to get him to stand, but in his bouncer he can bounce up an down for ages.

-Being outside... all day every day if he could
-Screens (particularly computers and phones)
-Laughing at us when we do silly things to make him laugh (his belly laugh is the best)
-Watching cars drive by sitting on the porch at grandma's
-Grabbing and trying to eat our food
-Trying to feed himself
-Playing rough
-Playing with his toes
-Bouncing in his bouncer (for short periods of everything else lol)
-Grabbing my hair, ears, eyes, nose... all that
-Reading (getting read to, touching the pages, turning the pages, trying to eat the pages)... that's another thing he could do for hours
-Going places
-His daddy
-Playing with other babies

Doesn't like
-Sleeping... it's actually getting pretty terrible... let the sleep training commence.
-Formula as much as he likes food
-Letting the camera capture his funny faces

He's a fun, tiring, adorable, energetic, opinionated, precocious little boy. We love him.

It's crazy he's been around for so long. :)

A rare moment when he's on his belly and not complaining about it. Can you tell he doesn't like the sun in his eyes? He'd just barely pulled off his sunglasses in this picture.

With his great grandpa and grandma Bolton

At an Easter Egg hunt

Feeding himself a graham cracker. I needed 10 minutes to finish cooking dinner, and he enjoyed feeding it to himself. When little pieces fell onto the tray he picked them up and ate them no problem. :) Whatever will get him food. 

Graham cracker face combined with the "feed me now" mouth. 

He got green beans all over his bib, and then brought his bib up and wiped it all over his face. Good times.

Saturday, April 11, 2015

Waking up

It's no secret that getting Lincoln to sleep, especially for naps, is like the end of the world and requires an entire team and more cumulative hours of time than he ever sleeps...

...but at least when he sleeps he wakes up happy. :)

I took this right after he woke up a while back. As soon as he saw the camera the faces stopped, but they're pretty awesome.