Monday, January 11, 2010


Reasons for writing this post:

1) To take a break from writing a paper for my MathEd class. Don't worry, I've written a few sentences. At least I didn't stop after my name or something.

2) To let you all know of my favorite decision of the week. Man I love agency. I DROPPED MY DIFFERENTIAL EQUATIONS CLASS! :) For those who may not know Diff. Eq. is a really hard math class that sort of forces you to enter the world of physics and engineering: things I'm not good at. I'll have to take it Spring term, but that's alright. Two math classes at the same time just wasn't going to happen this semester. That clears up 4 hours of class time per week, and at least 8 hours of homework time per week. You have no idea how thrilled I am.

3) To complain for a second about the inversion. I don't like breathing soupy air. It triggers my migraines. Not fun, especially when you still have 6 classes to do homework for.

4) To say that I'm a nerd because I just bought two new clipboards and I love them. One is clear, and one is neon pink, see-through. They join the company of my neon blue see-through clipboard who is a dear friend to me. :)

5) To tell you a funny story: A girl in one of my classes stood up and said she is from Anacortes Washington. I thought, "Oh cool. That was Bryan's first area." I asked her her family's name. Murray. Long story short, I found this picture that Bryan sent home of Christmas Eve, 2008.

Red Arrow- Erin, the girl in my class.
Green Arrow= Bryan
Small world.

I thought about showing her this picture. Then I thought it might freak her out if I showed her a picture of her and her family that I have...considering she didn't meet me until like four days ago. So I showed it to her anyway of course. She laughed really hard and thought it was awesome.

6) So that my latest post wouldn't be the one where I was banging my head on my desk.

G'night everybody. :) Off I go to finish my paper. Yahoo. So exciting, I know. ;)

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