Monday, May 10, 2010



Here I am, again

past my pseudo-self-imposed-bedtime of 


taking a mid-homework-breather.

*takes breath*

Now back to homework I go.

Just teasing.

I suppose I can wait long enough to write a full

So, yesterday was mother's day. 

It was a super fun day. 

After church I got to go to the Merrill's, and Bryan called! (Wahoo!!!)

I listened to him for about 5 minutes while he was on speaker phone and while everybody gathered.

Then I got to talk to him for four minutes (we divided up what was left of the 45 minutes, leaving some time in the end for him to go back on speaker phone and say adios to everybody.)

So I talked to Bryan for four minutes.


It was perfect.

(Thanks to the Merrill's for inviting me over, and to Lisa for sharing some of her mother's day phone call with me. :D)

You know, I can't say "it seems like he's never left" because that'd be wrong.

It seems like he left on a mission,

and I've been in college,

and over the past 19 months we've become better friends than ever.

Perfect. :)

When he first left I got a lot of crapola from people about "waiting for a missionary" blah blah blah

I was told "I'd never last", I was "being naive", and the list goes on.

Well, at about the 9 month mark, those comments started dwindling.

At about the year mark, however, I started getting lots of other comments, the quintessential one being,

"You're both going to have changed so much over two years!"

I'd like to officially thank Captain Obvious and his crew who have so diligently told me this for the past however-long.

To them I say,

If neither of us changed over the past two years,

well then,

his mission,

and my college,

would have been a GRAND waste of time, now, wouldn't they!?

I don't know what else to say about that  one. *chuckles and rolls eyes*

Don't worry, we were best friends before, 
we're best friends each week as we write each other a letter, 
and there isn't some looming cliff we're both going to fall off of the day before he gets home. 
We'll be just fine. :)

Besides, a major focus for both of us over these two years is to increase our own testimonies and draw closer to the Lord on an individual basis. 

If we're both drawing closer to the Lord,


We're drawing closer together. ;)

(This is us in Disneyland in the spring of 2008)

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  1. so excited. The WORLD seems to converse to you through all the CRAP, I mean perspective--- that others tend to give you. You are a smart, smart, really smart gal & you know what you want <3