Saturday, May 22, 2010


Hola mis amigos!

Here are some pictures of what I've been doing lately...

A few weeks ago, dad and David and I hiked the Y. 
Pardon the lack of looking presentable in the

David and Dad

Yours Truly

 Dad and  me (I bet you couldn't have guessed that.)

We had to prove they actually touched the Y.


So then about a week ago, I finally went and had these two moles removed.

I've had them my whole life but that big one has recently started become a nuisance when my comb catches it and stuff. So, while I'm still on my parents insurance I had them taken care of. The deductable was only $35. Not bad. I'll take more pictures later when they've healed. (I didn't have to have stitches, but that means they're healing slowly and naturally.)


Annie's so stinkin' She's been fun to play with now and then these past few weeks. In fact tonight I watched her for a few hours and we had a lot of fun making macaroni and cheese, learning about steam and boiling water, taking a bath, playing with magnets, reading books, quizzing each other with Disney Trivial Pursuit, eating ice cream, playing with marbles, drums (chopsticks and whatever was around to bang on), and all sorts of other fun things. She's a hoot... and oh yes, she's only 4 and she's smarter than half the 10 year olds I know. Crazy girl. ;) She's a cutie.


So my favorite color in the world is definitely green, especially lime, olive, and other shades of green similar to those. So of course when I found this tissue box at work I was a fan. :) And of course, I had to take a picture of it (mostly to show Bryan because he'll think I'm hilarious for taking a picture of it, but to show you all nonetheless. :D)


Last night after math was over at 7, a bunch of us went up to hike the Y. It was a ton of fun. Then we went to Rebecca's house and watched a movie and made/ate homemade pizza. So fun.

This is Emily and me.

This is the amazing view of the valley at twilight. So beautiful.

This is us girls.
Left to Right: Sam (Rebecca's roomate), Brynn, Rebecca, Bree (Brynn's sister,) Emily, and me.

This is all of us with a guy we met up at the top. He had just run the entire way up for the first time... as in, his first time running, not his first time up. Impressive. :) 

All in all we had a BLAST. Emily and I ran the last two switchbacks to the top. We were talking about how we had a ton of fun and how we should do this more often. (Ps, it's DEFINITELY more enjoyable to hike it in the evening than in the beating sun.) Well, we decided our goal by the end of the summer is to be able to jog up to the Y... we are allowed to take breaks (because it's pretty darn steep,) but any movement has to be running/jogging. That's our goal. I'm super excited for it since I've had to pretty much give up (at least for now) the goal of a half marathon. I have problems with my feet and hips, so super long distance running doesn't work out well... but this is my kind of exercise, and I LOVE doing it, which is all the better. :) So fun. 

Well, I'm off to the races. Tomorrow's Sunday, and then I begin the 5th week of school. Counting finals week, there are only 8 weeks. Wahoo! :) G'night everybody!

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