Monday, October 11, 2010

Guess what I WON?!

So, I NEVER win things.

I just don't.

I don't win stuff at ward parties, nothing.

SO when I found out I won a drawing on this cooking blog I read, I was SUPER exicited!

I won this:

It's a Cuisinart Programmable 4 qt Crock Pot. 

Super cool.

I realize that when you get married you get like 900 crock pots.

But I still think it's cool that I won it. :)


Update: I just discovered that in this drawing I also won two cookbooks this lady wrote! One of them still isn't published yet, so it's on preorder to arrive as soon as it's released!

I didn't even know I won these extra things!

(I don't pay much attention I suppose since I've never won anything before!)


And PS, this means that maybe when I'm student teaching and all that, we'll be able to eat real meals. :) Not just macaroni and

I know a certain 21 year old man that may or may not appreciate

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