Sunday, October 17, 2010

My Weekend

My weekend so far...

I was walking on campus the other day and a deer ran right in front of me. It stopped about 5 yards away from me. I stopped and took pictures to prove that a deer ran right in front of me on campus...not in the mountains, on campus.

Then I went to Murray and spent the night with Annie and Whitney (my cousins.) Sherie and Paul are out of town for the weekend, so Whitney was babysitting Annie. I went up for fun. :)

Then tonight after I finished a huge homework project I went and spent the evening at Bryan's house... well, the Merrill's house I suppose... Bryan's not home yet.

But, he comes home Monday... and guess what...

I'm very excited.


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  1. Annie looks so mad in the first one! Oh, and yay for Bryan coming home tomorrow! Now all we will hear about are the wedding plans, ugh (jk).