Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Why in the world?

I don't care that you're government.

And I don't care that you think you're all powerful.

Because you're not.

Why in the world do you think you can pull our contract early? It's not our fault you're all idiots that don't know how to manage money. It's called not spending more than you have.

So it's okay to pull our jobs?  Breech the contract? And do just enough that we won't take you to court?

Seriously, you think it's okay to string along our Boss, acting all along as if you were going to hire him too, so he did all sorts of crap for you, and then telling him, ha ha ha! just kidding. we're not hiring you. 

Think we're okay with that? Think again.

And then why in the world did you think that when you told us "we can't pay thousand hour employees more than x dollars an hour," that when you hired the other guys as thousand hour employees, that we wouldn't find out that you're paying them nearly twice what you're paying us?

So we take a pay cut to work for you. Don't worry, because we're honored to work for such a freakin' dishonest group of people as yourselves.

And then, you never told us, the lowly secretaries (that simply hold everything together and keep it running and out of turmoil), anything about our jobs... so then we find out that, ha ha! Our jobs may not be as permanent as we'd like to think! Surprise! In fact, when this part of it's done, who knows if we'll have a job.

And why do you think that we are just at your beck and call? We're still employees of our office until October 15th. 

I won't even mention that the stupid computer programs don't work, but you won't admit you're wrong and take the program's company to court because then you wouldn't win office again this next time around. And that's what started this whole thing.

But seriously.

Oh yes, and my boss from our company is like family to me. Do you think that trying to tell me rumors (aka lies) about him will really transfer my loyalty to you? Think again. I know him better than any of you. He wouldn't even think of doing 99% of the crap you're telling people he did.

You're burning bridges. Promise. You're going to regret it.

Yeah, and I'm somewhat glad I still have a job, but I'm looking around. And if I find anything REMOTELY feasible, I'm taking it. And see ya later. Good luck training anybody on any of this crap. You're lucky we're even willing to do this now.

Oh yeah, and I know that the 18th is our first day (technically) working for just you.

But guess what: 

I'm not coming to work that day.

Get over it.

Dear Bryan: I know that you coming home won't magically make everything better, but I need you to just hug me and help me know everything will be alright... love, me.

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