Saturday, December 11, 2010

Small world

Bryan and I found a place to live. It's a basement apartment in the back/basement of this beautiful home. We're very excited. :)

Here's a story for you. There is a really great, young family that used to live in my ward when I was in Junior high. The wife was my 7th grade math teacher too. They're just awesome. Well, a few years later after they'd had one of their kids, they moved out of our ward.

Now, fast forward to January 2010. I go to the first day of my linguistics class at BYU, and sitting next to me is the husband! We caught up and it was lots of fun to have a class together that semester. At the end of the semester he gave me his wife's email and their address so I could stop by and see them sometime. I got super busy and never stopped by.
Now fast forward to this morning. Out of nowhere I remembered that he told me they lived in a certain area of the city, and I knew that Bryan and I are going to rent this apartment that's also in this certain (albeit large) area of the city. I pulled the paper with their email and address out of my wallet, and was surprised to see that their address put them on the same street as us. I didn't remember our exact address so I didn't know how close we'd be by just looking at the paper. So, I drove up there on my way to campus this morning. And guess what. :) This awesome family lives right across the street from us in our little dead-end cul-de-sac! I'm so excited! We're going to be in their neighborhood, the same ward as them, everything! I'm so excited!! :) I emailed the wife to tell her. I'm so excited!

*does happy dance*

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  1. Random question... What color are your dishes again? I know I have seen them, but I can't remember. Let me know ASAP, will ya? Thanks!