Friday, January 14, 2011

12:56 am...welcome to teacher life Lindsay

12:56 am

I'm in my practicum class right now...

well, not right this moment, but this semester.

That's the "pre" student teaching class.

I have to teach my class a big lesson tomorrow.

I've been working on my lesson plan all week now.

I had to take the curriculum I was given, extract the main mathematical concepts and make sure my understanding of them was as thorough as possible.

I had to figure out what national standards they corresponded with, figure out where in a unit this lesson would fall and describe what lessons would come before and after it.

I then developed a task to teach the concepts, wrote out a whole lesson plan including my plans, anticipated student thinking, ways I'll informally assess them as the lesson progresses in relation to the anticipated thinking, and what scaffolding questions I'll use in relation to their anticipated thinking to support their learning of the concept.

I had to create the worksheet, figure out at what time in my lesson I want to be at each point, and then run around like a chicken with my head cut off.

Just kidding.


(And this was after I also had a meeting with my professor today so he could make sure I wasn't totally off base, and give me guidance and advice and answer my questions, and then after he and I went in to the room I'll be teaching in to try to figure out how to work the document camera that's built into the ceiling that projects images of documents you set on the desk, onto the board. Super cool.)

Actually, I love doing this. It really is my passion...

It's just that I would rather teach a hundred 7th graders than a class of 14 of my peers.

*makes face*

Hm... I just remembered I need to complete my student teaching application ASAP. Forgot about that. =P

1:05 am... so now I'm off to write in my journal, wash my face, brush my teeth, and pretend that it's not one giant sheet of deadly ice on all the roads outside... that way I won't think about stressful driving conditions until morning.

Goodnight all.

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