Monday, August 8, 2011

Vacation: Day 3, Part 1

We spent this day on Orcas Island with the M**** family, and had a BLAST!

This first picture is the view we woke up to inside their house.

This next one is one of the many beautiful views from their deck.

This is the delicious crab quiche that Sister M**** made us for breakfast. It was good.

After breakfast and all that, we got ready and went down to the dock with Brother M****. We went and got on his boat and went sailing! It was legitimate sailing and it was so great! We took some crab pots out, dropped them, and after we were done sailing, we picked them back up and caught our crabs!

This is a crab pot.

A giant honey bee came for a ride on the boat.

Bryan trying to pull in the crab pot.

The very full crab pot!

You can only keep a certain number of crabs, and only if they're male and a certain size. So, most of our crabs had to be thrown out. It was entertaining. Like our own version of the Pike Street Market or something.

Stay tuned for part two...


  1. Lindsay I occasionally stop by your blog and I enjoy reading what you have been up to. Congrats on getting married I am sure you are enjoying married life :) I have to say I really enjoyed your pictures of the temple a few posts back. oh this is Hannah from high school. I have had problems with a male so I do not use my real name or anything.

  2. oh I don't know if you remember more then one Hannah from high school- I am the Hannah that Dated Brayden. just clarifying ha ha