Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Vacation: Day 4

On this day we started by leaving Orcas Island and went over to San Juan Island.

Notice the Orca shooting out of Bryan's head.

We got to Friday Harbor (the main town on San Juan Island) and first drove past the apartment Bryan lived in on the Islands.

Then we visited a family that helped Bryan a lot with the work and we brought, cooked, and ate the crab we'd caught the day before. So good. :)

Then we went and visited another family. Yes, they have a stoplight in their yard. Besides a stop light a store owner has inside his store, this is the only stop light on the island. :) Anyway, we visited this family and they took us around the island and then out to dinner.

This is Bryan's frisbee golf course.

Indiana Jones meets extra long seaweed.

I got some sort of meat and vegetable tart with potatoes and gravy, and these pea things that are a famous pub item....they cook really ripe peas until they turn into a refried-bean-like mash. It was actually my favorite thing on the plate. So good.

Bryan finally got his fish and chips. :)

Aaaaand I finally tried mussels. They were okay. I loved the flavor of them, just not the guts that squooshed out from between the sections of meat. The sauce it was served in was divine though.

Me trying a mussel. Pardon the "I'm going to eat you" look on my face. It was between me and the mussel.

Bryan and his "mussels".

This is one single Washington raspberry. Amazing. It was huge. By the way, that dessert in the back was a toffee pudding bake thing. It was to DIE for.

We also caught shrimp off the dock (don't worry PITA people, we threw them back in and then went inside to eat our meat-laden meals.)

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