Monday, September 26, 2011

Last Thursday...

--We went to the Jimmer Allstar game on Thursday. SO great.
--We sat on row two. Also so great.
--It was a lot of fun minus the couple in front of us that was far too huggy and whatever, much too far inside my bubble...and the obnoxious girl next to Bryan that didn't seem to realize that when she fluffed her hair (every 30 seconds... not even kidding) that it flipped all over Bryan's face... and when she stood up to dance around (if that's what she called it,) her butt was IN Bryan's face...besides that it was fun.
--I really wish I had a nicer camera that could take rockin' pictures at things like this...but for now I just have my little point and shoot.
 --Yes, I wore my Jimmer "Yes, he can shoot from there" shirt. Proud of it. Go Jimmer.
--We lost but it was too fun to matter.

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  1. Ha, Bryan looks a little dazed in that last picture of he's in a Jimmer-coma. :)