Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Vacation: Day 5

I know it's been ages...but I promise I didn't forget to finish our vacation pictures! Here's day 5.

These first two pictures are of our camp site. It was awesome...right in a bay and everything... so of course I didn't get a picture of the bay. Sorry.

Look closely... we woke up to some sort of footprints all over our windshield! Fun stuff.

Next funny thing: hitch hiking is encouraged on the islands and these signs are everywhere.

Then we rode the ferry back to the mainland. This is the view after you've driven into Anacortes a little ways after getting off the ferry. So pretty.

This little house is the very first place Bryan lived on his mission. Fun times.

We drove into the city (I think we drove into Everett) and we went to lunch. Bryan finally got his Teriyaki. Believe me, there's nothing quite like it here in Utah. (If there is, please notify me instantly as this food is most definitely CRAVE worthy.) It's this amazing teriyaki grilled bbq'ed chicken with rice and a green salad and it's just the most amazing thing. So good. Bryan's been craving this (and we've been searching for it) ever since he got home.

After lunch we stopped and went to a Discount Tire store. We just got new tires 4th of July weekend, but were having problems with our rear driver's side tire (like we did before) and thought we might be having wheel (not tire) problems. Funnily enough, we just had a giant nail in the tire.

While we were waiting for our tire to get fixed we walked down to a Safeway and got icecream. I saw these things on the way there and decided they were picture worthy.

In honor of my high school mascot.

I love Lucy! :)

We spent the rest of the day before dinner time out in Snohomish visiting a cute family there and eating at the BBQ Shack. DISCLAIMER: YOU SHOULD ALL TAKE A TRIP THERE AND EAT THERE. ITS FOOD IS DELICIOUS AND IT IS THE HOME OF THE NAKED PIGS. LOOK IT UP. THE END.

Then we went out to Marsyville to the Tulalip Indian Res. It was totally different than any other part of WA we'd been in, that's for sure. It was cool to be there though. (Sidenote: Along the road, whenever someone is killed in a drunk driving accident, they put a sign right there telling people not to drink and drive, in memory of so and so. There are times where there are signs every 50 yards for hundreds of yards... sad day.)

Us at Tulalip Bay, in honor of mom.
Bryan's apartment in Marysville.
We spent that night in Shoreline again....stay tuned for Seattle!

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