Monday, September 12, 2011

Vacation: Day 6

On this day we went to Seattle and did the rounds... namely the Space Needle and Pike Street. Notice that there isn't a single cloud in the whole sky. This about described our trip to Washington- very abnormal.

Yup... Space needle pepper grinders. (Your mom's a space needle pepper grinder!)

When we were little we called the Space needle, "Space loodoo" as in "space noodle."

I wish I was this awesome of an artist. Check out that graffiti!

I don't even want to know what this is...

This is where we got the BEST teriyaki we had our whole trip. SO GOOD.

This, my friends, is Teriyaki. Click on the picture and pretend it's scratch and sniff. You'll start salivating. I promise. Oh man. So good.

See the guys dressed like the Beatles in the background? Good times.

We took the monorail back to our car near the space needle. Fun stuff.

Their cop cars look like hot wheels.

After we left Seattle we went through the Seattle Temple. It was really awesome and I'm glad we made time to do it. There's an LDS Distribution Center in a church right by the temple. They let us change into our church clothes in their dressing rooms. It was hilarious.

Then we headed out of town. On our way back to Oregon (where we'd spend the night) we stopped and got more Teriyaki (such a disappointment after that heaven on a plate we had in Pike Street). Then we drove adn drove and saw the Columbia River Temple on our way out of WA. It was pretty.

And that was our day in Seattle. :) Oh yeah... we also stopped at a fruit stand and bought a giant bag of delicious apples and seven tons (okay, just 4 pounds) of delicious cherries. SO GOOD!

Stay tuned for our weekend with mi familia in Idaho!

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