Saturday, October 22, 2011

Friday Night...and Banoffee Pie

Yesterday night was a blast.

One of our friends came down and Bryan's brother came down

and we ate homemade massaman curry (which I also had for breakfast today... yup!)

and it was delicious.

One day when I'm not feeling lazy I'll put the recipe I use on here.

I got it from a little Thai lady that runs the Asian shop down here.


It was nighttime and bad lighting and I didn't take pictures.

Which is why I also didn't take pictures of the Banoffee Pie I made.

But oh my it was delicious.

Oh man.

*pauses for a second and remembers...and salivates*

Okay I'm back.

We ate those delicious things.

And these boys flattered me and ate dinner...and dessert...and then a second dinner... and a second dessert...

all before eating yummy air popped popcorn.

And we watched this:

I love this movie.

It was our first blu ray purchase back when we got married.

So very worth it.

Such a good show.

Watch it.

And that was our Friday night. :)

Now I need to do the dishes. :)

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