Tuesday, October 11, 2011

What I always have in my pantry -- part 2

- Soup- my guilty pleasure is a can of campbell's tomato soup so that’s what I have most of—stock up on soup you’ll eat. Don’t get it and store it just because you’re mom liked it if you won’t eat it. Stock up on soup you’ll eat if you get sick, if you have to have a 10:00 dinner one night and don’t want to cook, if you need a quick lunch, etc. Soup is good to have on hand. Keep your eyes open for coupons and sometimes you can get brand names for  cheaper than the sometimes lesser store brand. (Another note: Sometimes I will mix a can of Campbell's with a can of store brand...that way I get my Campbell's but save a quarter...lol.)

Peanut butter (if family members don’t like peanut butter it’s still worth having it in your food storage as a quick source of protein and fat in case of an emergency)

Bisquick (this is helpful even if you don’t use it a ton because it’s a quick meal that’s good to have on hand, especially if you are running low on food.) It can be an easy component to a hearty meal (meat and vegetable pie) or an easy meal (pancakes).

- Cans of Tuna- again, can be used in a wide variety of ways (sandwiches, salad, etc), is inexpensive, and provides lots of protein and omega 3s

Beans, beans, beans: canned and dried. Black beans, pinto beans, kidney beans, etc. Beans are a SUPER food as far as nutrients, how much they fill you, how inexpensive they are, and how versatile they are. I’m a huge fan of beans. One of the biggest benefits of beans is the FIBER. Beans, beans, the magical fruit. The more you eat...

Not this kind of bean...

-  Old fashioned oats AND quick oats. (I actually have steel cut oats too, but I haven't gotten good at using them often so yeah...)

- Canola Oil

- Vinegar (I have a giant thing of white vinegar, but I also have balsamic and apple cider vinegar because you never know when you'll need them and you don't want to have to buy a whole bottle of vinegar just because you need 2 T of it one time you go shopping. Just have it.)

Stay tuned for the final part of my pantry series. :) Cliffhangers are killer. I know. :)

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