Monday, November 21, 2011


Okay, so when you have just had a very busy weekend full of headaches and coughs and fevers and waxing the car and all of that,

sometimes you don't realize you don't have enough clean dress socks for teaching on Monday.

And when Monday comes and it's the buttcrackofdawn and you're not going to wear a dress or anything because it's too dang cold in Payson and you're running late and you need socks right now,

you make do with what you have.

And what I had was one black ankle sock and one black dress sock.

Don't worry. My pants are long enough to cover it unless I cross my legs... but if I pull my pants up, this is what you see. :)

And then you go to work with the intentions of leaving at 5:30 and immediately doing laundry. :)

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