Thursday, December 29, 2011

December... part 2

We had two mice... one eventually climbed up into the couch after chasing it around with bowls and traps and a bb gun....we took the couch outside and I chopped into it with my butcher knife to try to get to the mouse. We never found it...I'm assuming it ran away outside.

**side note: we took this couch to the dump. It had been a $15 savers special. We splurged a few days later and bought a $30 DI special to replace it in time for the party we hosted (see below).

Here's the one that was left inside...

This was at an ugly sweater, cookie party.

Our fridge door fell off... we fixed it with zip ties.

We helped host a Christmas Murder Mystery Party. It was fun.

Mr and Mrs Claus

We went up to the Mannheim Steamroller Christmas concert at Abravanel Hall. It was so great!

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  1. Awww! Aren't we so cute with our matching purple argyle sweaters? ;)

    Just kidding everyone, Lindsay didn't mean to match me. :)