Friday, January 6, 2012

My last semester.

Wanna know what classes I'm taking for this, my last semester as an undergraduate?

Let's start with the two that are causing me to still be in college because I have yet to take them:

1. Physical Science 100.

*pauses while we all laugh* Yes, I have not taken the freshman science class. Not sure why. I like science. I'm good at science...just haven't taken it. Let's be honest... it's probably because it had a lab and I like to avoid classes with extra

2. Combinatorics.

Google it if you want. It's a math class. It could be (and has been) called "The Art of Counting".

Here's the type of stuff it deals with:
-How many different "words" (letter combinations) can I make using the letters in "Mississippi"?  Keep in mind, if you switch two s's, it's the same word and you can only count one of them. :)

Pst....the answer is 34650.

Now let's go on to the classes that Lindsay is taking for fun (and to give herself "full time" status so I can get a Pell Grant.)

3. Doctrine and Covenants, part 2.

I took part one last spring and I'm excited to take the second half. To quote Brother Bott (who somehow I almost left BYU without experiencing, which blows my mind,) the first half of the Doctrine and Covenants gives us a foundation to help bring us back to God. The second half teaches us how to become like God.

4. Spinning

Indoor biking. I'm very excited. :)

5. Weightlifting/ Strength Training

The teacher is crazy and there are girls in the class that asked me if I'd drop it with them because there were boys in the class! Seriously people? Lol... of course there are boys in the class. It should be interesting! Heaven knows I need a little strength training. :)

6. Social Dance

Bryan and I are both in this class. It's two hours on Friday  nights. We'll be learning the Cha Cha, Swing dancing, the Waltz, the Fox Trot, and the Polka. I'm excited. So's Bryan. He wants his wife to be able to dance

7. Advanced Food Preparation

This is the class where I learn the basics of "culinary fundamentals" (as in the step above normal "home cooking") and where I learn how to cook different cuisines from all over the world. It'll be awesome. Bryan's very excited to eat leftovers. :)

And so, I can't feel too bad for myself. ;) It'll be a fun semester.

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  1. You make me want to postpone graduation one semester so I can do all this stuff....haha.