Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Happy Valentine's Day


We started our morning at about 5 am...

...when an awful migraine woke me up from my restless headache-induced sleep.


Bryan was very kind and took care of me.

He called in sick to work to help me get feeling good enough that I could at least go to one of my classes (to turn in a research paper and not fall behind).

I spent the next 4 hours at work and Bryan spent it at school.

Then we went and accompanied two of his siblings at their band Solo-Ensemble competition.

We ate dinner (taco salad- I love taco salad) with Bryan's family.

Then we came home and worked on homework and stuff.

Bryan got me a beautiful string of pearls for Valentine's day. (Don't worry Margaret. They're real. I rubbed them on my teeth to see. ;D I'm excited.)

I'm a lame wife and in my sick state (for the past week) I didn't quite finish Bryan's gift.

Anyway, we decided that since Sunday is our Anniversary and since we don't have any time this week for weekday festivities for Valentine's day, we're going to spread our celebrations out over the week. (That's Bryan's nice way of letting me have more time to get his present done without feeling lame. :D)

So, now it's 12:11 am and we're just finishing homework.

The house smells like yummy North Carolina Pulled Pork I made for tomorrow for my crock pot recipe challenge for this year. :) I'll post the recipe tomorrow after I eat a sandwich of it instead of just picking at it as I stored it away in the fridge. Lol.

Hasta lavista.

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