Thursday, March 29, 2012

Baby Shower for Whitney!

(WARNING: LOTS of pictures ahead.)

I had SO much fun helping put together a baby shower for Whitney!

We are VERY excited for her and Casey. :)

It was just a small shower with our friends from high school. Just like good ol' times...except now 4/5 of us are married, the 5th is leaving on a mission soon, and Whitney's having a baby...but besides that, just like good ol' times!

For food we did a yogurt parfait bar and Strawberry water. It was GREAT!






Whitney's was, somehow, exactly how a parfait should look. The rest of us couldn't seem to accomplish that. :)

 Activity #1: Identify what melted candy is the "poop" in each diaper. Shade your eyes now if you're squeamish. :) But really, it's all just melted chocolate.






Activity #2: This is the "Lindsay isn't creative enough to come up with games that actually entertain and aren't lame so we're going to do something different" activity. Jessica got some of the CUTEST fabric (fat quarters) and we used that, fabric glue, lace, and embroidery floss to decorate onesies! So fun. It gave us something fun to do and we were still able to talk and catch up. They turned out so cute!

One of Jessica's

The other one of Jessica's

Front of Sami's

Back of Sami's


One of Whitney's

The other one of Whitney's


 And last but not least... presents. :)

I would wear that robe if it were my size. Excellent choice Holly.

Cute vintage-looking clothes from Sami

Leftover diapers from our chocolate game. :)

Yeah, my girls will totally rock blue and green. This was the cutest thing ever, which is why I bought it for her. :)

 Just for the record, doesn't she look GREAT! She only has 6 weeks left and she looks fantastic! All us short-torsoed people are jealous. :)

We love you Whitney!

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  1. The pictures are fabulous! It was so nice to see you all again, thanks again for coordinating everything!