Thursday, April 5, 2012

Because my last post was boring...

So because my last post was a tad boring,

 and for that to be the first thing you see when my blog pops up is equally boring,

I'm writing a post.

Not entirely sure about what yet!

Okay now I know.

There are two people standing outside my office window on the big main steps of the county building, making out.

We're adding dialogue to the silent show.

It's fairly amusing.

On that note, it's spring...I get that... love is in the air and birds and bees and all that...

...but when you are on campus and you're trying to walk, and two people decide to stop and make out in the main traffic flow?


It's like suddenly the world around them has disappeared...

even though that world is like 30,000 people.

All. Watching. You.

I get a goodbye kiss or something. That's fine.

But, people.... please... - Yes, dah-ling. One goodbye kiss. (But, not a goodbye kisssssssssssssssss.) Too late...

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