Thursday, April 19, 2012

Sweet Graduation Gift

1st, a random comment. Why did blogger decide to change formats on me? It's weird. Anyway...

Bryan and I finished our last finals today. (Sah-weeeet!!!) So, I'm officially done with my undergraduate career! Weird. I feel old...yet far too young to be a college graduate. Guess I'll remedy that by going to grad school. ;)

I'm up into the wee hours of the morning grading papers (I'm a TA and it's the end of the semester... fun fun) but I thought I'd take a break and tell you all about the great graduation gift Bryan got me.

We celebrated today (went out to dinner...that's about and then we went to his parents' house where he had the surprise gift sent.

Sidenote: He came up with this gift himself and kept it a total secret...partially because he threatened me if I were to open any emails from Amazon (he ordered it on my account to get the free shipping) that he'd send it back.

Soo... *drumroll*

This is it!

It's a portable gas grill! I'm very excited. It's super convenient, had great reviews apparently, and will be SO fun to cook on now that it's getting warm!

I'm the kind of person that thinks anything is better grilled, so I'm super excited.

Pineapple...corn on the onions....yum yum yum yum yum!

Bryan's also very excited about this and has requested we go to WINCO and buy a few steaks sometime in the near future to break it

Great gift. :)

Thanks Bryan! to grading... 1 am? sheesh...

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