Thursday, May 31, 2012

Thoughts on Thursday

Good thing it's Thursday or this post wouldn't have a title.

(Mostly, I just don't have any cohesiveness to the random things I'm going to write about.)

-  Does the fact that May is over FREAK ANYBODY ELSE OUT? This year is flying by. Holy cow.

-   Supposedly in June I find out what I'll be doing for my assistancy this fall semester. I'll either be a TA for some teacher, or I'll be teaching a class for BYU... possibly some of the lower-level math classes, etc. Anyway, I'm pretty nervous to find out...because then I'll know what I should be nervous for! Ahhh!!!

-  Sometimes I feel slightly intimidated by the stuff I take on, being so young and having so few years of experience... teaching a college class? Whew...

-  We had our first tournament game for our Intramural Ultimate Frisbee team (Co Ed) and we WON! I was sort of surprised, but we rocked! That just means that we have a game on Friday. At 6:15. In the 90 degree weather. Bluh.

-   Speaking of Frisbee...ha ha... you should have seen my spectacular fall this last game. Some guy on our team cut behind me during "kick off" and accidentally hit my feet out from under me. I had been running pretty darn fast, and I "caught" myself (really hard) on my left knee, proceeded to "run" on my hands and knees with an occasional foot through in for about 10 feet, and by then had caught up with myself and kept on running. But man, my knee hurt BAD. I finished the game, but iced it all night. It hurt pretty bad. Anyway, there is minimal bruising and swelling so it looks fine, but it's still pretty tender. Here's to hoping I'm okay for our game tomorrow. An hour of running on a bum knee may not be so good.

-  We're grilling Pizza with some of our friends tomorrow. YUM.

-  We had a "Tax has rolled" party at work yesterday...pulled pork sandwiches (my FAVORITE), tons of fruit and veggies, etc. I ate enough that, besides the piece of cake I had for Melanie's bday last night, I didn't get hungry til 11:30 (at which point I made two scrambled eggs and put Sriracha sauce on them). Anyway, the reason I bring that up is that there are leftovers, and people are already making their lunches (at 10:44) so they make sure to get some. It's funny.

-  I'm slowly (but surely) doing my "Spring Cleaning". Lol. Spring cleaning seems to be a 12-month process at our house. Comes with the territory of being college students working multiple But, I'm getting there. I really need to scrub the bathroom and the kitchen floor... those are the major things I'd like to do soon. But, I'm organizing, making DI trips (just in time to find out that we have a "swap" thing for Relief Society next week that I could have taken all this stuff to. Oh well.)

-  I need to buy some new shoes before we go to Disneyland. I've literally worn holes in my Sketchers. They rocked.

-  Well, this post is getting very long. If I have any more random thoughts (which, I always do,) you'll just have to hear about them later. :)

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