Thursday, July 5, 2012

Just for the record...

1.  We had a fun time last night launching water balloons hundreds of yards. I made it over the fence a the back of the outfield. Oh yeah. :)

2.  Fireworks are fun. So is blowing powdered sugar fire balls. :) I may or may not have singed a good portion of the hair on one side of my

3.  This weather (rainy and 70) is THE BEST! Dear weather, this is infinitely better than 96 and sunny with fires raging all around us in ye ol' dry mountains of Utah. Dear weather, the firemen will thank you if you keep raining. So will I.

4.  I found out today that this semester I'll be a TA for three sections of Calculus 2. I'll be teaching 6 hours of lab sessions per week... I'm SO NERVOUS...just for the record. :) I taught the equivalent of Calculus 1 to my kids in Payson, but this is SLIGHTLY MORE SCARY!!! AHHH!!!!

5.  Did I say how much I'm loving this rain! :)

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