Wednesday, October 10, 2012


Overheard at our kitchen table at 11:25 pm.

Bryan:  So, how many hours a week do you think you work? Like for teaching, not for your own school?

Me:  Uh, lots. I have no idea.

Bryan: It seems to me like you probably do 40 hours for work, 40 hours for school.

Me:  I don't know... it never stops though.

Bryan: You do at least 12 hours a day, usually more... so at least 30 each a week...

Me:  *bangs head on table*

We're worn out around here.=P

But, for better news, the fact that most of my clothes are WORN OUT (particularly those that are teaching-appropiate) is almost at an end! Hopefully I'll be going on a (small) shopping spree next week to get some new clothes and hopefully PURGE my closet! :)

On the agenda?

Bra shopping. (=P)

And these:

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