Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Let her sleep...

Last night at 10:50 I looked at the clock and made a list of everything that had to be done by today.

-Grade about 4 assignments
-Plan my lessons for lab today
-Read two articles
-Do some work in my citation program
-Wash my hair

And then I listed the things that also should be done.

-vacuum the glitter and plastic pine needles that are spread throughout our house
-make a lunch for today
-hang up laundry
-work on revising my lit review and rational for my thesis

And then I thought of a million more things that I should do.



And so I took a shower, looked back at the clock, back at my list,

and then I picked up a magazine and read it for 20 minutes.

Then I emailed my grader and asked her to take some more of my grading,

figured I'd just answer homework questions for lab today, no further planning necessary,

read an article for 15 minutes until midnight,

read scriptures for a few minutes

and then went to sleep.



Some of my favorite lessons I've learned in grad school?

I can't do everything and I'd be foolish to try.

Things can slide and rearrange and will turn out just fine.

And sleep is important.

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  1. Just stumbled across your blog, love this quote! Definitely embroider-worthy :)