Wednesday, January 2, 2013


2012. Our year in review.

-Had a minor life-crisis in which I realized that I was supposed to be doing something different than I had planned! In other words, I turned down a job offer and frantically applied for grad school. Felt nervous but felt like I was making a good decision. :)

-Celebrated our 1st anniversary!

-Got accepted to grad school. Whew. :)
-Celebrated Pi Day

-Did lots of fun cooking.

-Threw an AWESOME baby shower for one of my best friends.

-Graduated Cum Laude with a Bachelor of Mathematics Education degree and a TESOL K-12 minor (ESL endorsement).

-Got a job working for the TESOL department at BYU, continued my county job, and did some commission work for an old job of mine. Translation: I worked a bazillion hours and was busy.

-Had another minor life crisis in which I decided on a Friday that I was going to quit my job on Monday and hoped that I could milk the BYU job I had picked up for the summer as long as possible. Celebrated. :)
-My last day at work was my 22nd birthday. Greatest birthday ever.
-Went to Disneyland with my family. So fun!


-Spent my copious amounts of free time (my jobs all petered out) WATCHING THE OLYMPICS!!

-Grandma died.

-Enjoyed lots of garden produce

-Went to Les Miserable at the Shakespearean Festival. (I can't find my pictures for this and am sick of looking for now. lol.)

-Drove to and from Cedar City on one tank of gas. Yikes! Top Gear anyone? :)

-Went to Yellowstone and Island Park with our friends.

-Started grad school.... dun dun dunnnnnnn.

-Started teaching calculus. Whew. That was an adventure.

 -Bryan got hired to do the research he had already been working on so he got to quit his bookstore job. (He continues to do lots of awesome research that is leading to him publishing some groundbreaking papers in his field, and will hopefully help him get a foot in some good grad schools.)

-Bryan turned 23. Old man. :)

-Grad school and teaching continued.

-BYU football games people. BYU Football. :) That which governs my Fall scheduling. :)


-Learned that playing awesome songs before the classes I teach gets people to participate more.

-Brigham City Temple openhouse

-Aaaand grad school and teaching continued.

-Thank goodness for Mumford and Sons

-Celebrated Thanksgiving. Missed Whitney but hopefully she's loving her time with Vince in Bulgaria.

-Ate 5 inches of the world's longest maple bar/cougar tail.

-Celebrated 12-12-12 12:12 pm with a potluck party in our office during finals.

-Survived finals!!! I've been through college. Graduated even. But I've NEVER had a finals week quite like this one...between being a grad student where each final takes at least 20 hours AND being the teacher/TA who has to proctor/grade a bazillion calculus students' finals, it was quite the week.

-Slept lots and cleaned lots and played lots.

-Survived "the end of the world"... for the what-th time now? Lol.


Pictures of Christmas will come with time. :)

I'm sure I've forgotten things but let's be honest... this was a long enough post as is. ;)

Happy 2013 everyone! 2012 was a crazy huge year for Bryan and me academically (which means career-wise for now also), and we're grateful for everything we've been blessed with! 2013 may not bring as many big changes but here's to another great year! :)

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