Wednesday, February 13, 2013

10 Days You Challenge: 8 Fears

Eight Fears

1. Snakes. Snakes are my one irrational fear... the one thing that I'm seriously afraid of for no apparent reason. The smaller the scarier. I have nightmares about them. When I get near a snake my body tenses up and I get shaky and tense and sweaty and fidgety...for no apparent reason. But, it may be from one time when I was really little... I was holding a 5 foot long ball python or boa constrictor (I forget which) on my neck and I vividly remember the guy saying "well I better take it off before it starts squeezing."...yeah, that'd do it probably.

2. Debt. Money sort of stresses me out. As a result, Bryan mostly manages the budget and things because the micromanagement makes me super stressed. Anyway, I'm super afraid of debt... a car payment (and someday) a house payment? Not as much...but other debt? Terrifies me.

3.  That I'm going to lose all my hair in grad school. This may seem silly, but grad school is super stressful. I think my body's way of manifesting that is that my hair is majorly thinning. Mostly, I just am really hoping that I make it through grad school with minimal lasting physical side effects. Hopefully it's worth it and doesn't take ten years off my life. :)

4.  Conflict with people with power. This mostly has to do with my superiors at work and school... I don't really like conflict in that sort of setting and I might even say that I'm afraid of it.

5.  That I'm not going to come up with enough fears for this list. I honestly don't think that I'm legitimately afraid of a lot of things... let's see if I can come up with some not-so-legitimate fears.

6.  That I'm going to be a clueless mother. K this is sort of a silly fear because I'm pretty sure I won't be clueless, but if I turned out to be clueless that'd be really bad...therefore I'm afraid of it.

7. That time is going too fast. I have a thesis to write folks. Time going really fast is not necessarily a good thing. :) That and I'm turning 23 this year... I feel like all the sudden I'm entering my mid twenties and I'm not so young anymore and oh no what am I going to do I'm getting Pretty silly, but time really is zooming by and I'm not sure how to deal with that.

8. I'm afraid of losing one of my senses. I go back and forth which would be harder for lose my hearing or my sight... I honestly don't know. But that is something that would be super scary for me. I know (or know of) people who have lost senses though and they have a lot they can teach me. I remember the girl (Christine) that won the last season of Master Chef. She was a graduate student that had lost her sight and was one of the most brilliant cooks I've ever seen. She's totally my hero. I'm totally buying her cookbook when it comes out.

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