Wednesday, February 20, 2013

The H20 Club: Water for Uganda

Hi everybody.

Please check out THIS POST to read about these amazing little boys.

They've started a club and are working with the Ugandan Water project to raise $3500 so that a water tank can be built in Uganda to supply 400 people with clean water.

They're selling pencils and bracelets to raise this money, or you can just donate some money.

(If you donate $5 or more you get to enter a giveaway on the "Peas and Thank You" blog I've linked too also.)

Anyway, I figured that I could go without buying a lunch at school one day or something to donate some money to this good cause. I think I take my clean water for granted and I hope these boys can raise enough money to build one or two or maybe even more tanks for these cute kids to have clean water.

I'm not being bribed to do this blog post or anything...please... I don't do stuff like that. ;)

Just make a PB&J one of these days and donate your lunch money. :)

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