Thursday, February 7, 2013

These days...

Bryan and I are both so busy in school but we're doing well.

Bryan got over whatever sickness he had last week, and I have been super blessed to not have gotten sick at all. *knock on wood*

Bryan's working on a paper about his research that he will be publishing in a scientific journal which is super exciting. There are a few more papers he may also write for publishing that would really help his grad school prospects.

I'm working really hard on my theoretical framework and literature review for my thesis and I'll be presenting at a BYU research conference in March regarding what my plans are for my research. I'm loving my work even though it's hard!

Here are some random things I've found and thoughts I've had lately. :)

Source: via Lindsay on Pinterest

The time will pass anyway...we may as well fill it with things that help us accomplish our goals and dreams. :) I love that.

The other night I was up much later than Bryan (he was sick, I was cooking food for the week) and that day I'd had The Mummy on the TV while I cleaned and I'd had Dateline on while I cooked... and it was dark and really late at night (aka early in the morning) and we live in a basement apartment up in the quiet streets on the bench of the mountain. Translation: I think I creeped myself out. :)

And then a few minutes later I was reading A Wrinkle In Time while I let some soup cool (so I could pack it away) and the chapter about the man with the red eyes, which is not supposed to be creepy when you're a grown up...but when it's 2:00 am and you're awake and everything's quiet after a day of Mummy and murder mysteries? Yup. CREEPY!


I made this White Chicken Chili. It was delicious. Oh man. I've figured out a way to get us through the week as far as food and sanity go... I cook lots on the weekend and then we eat the "leftovers" throughout the week. That way we have easy lunches (put soup or whatever in a tupperware), Bryan has food the nights I am in class til 7:00, and I don't have to scramble for food if I don't want to cook anything when we get home and are starving the other nights.

People, it's brilliant. It takes some planning on the weekends but it's SO worth it. (Also, since I really enjoy cooking it's kind of a nice break on the weekend.) A few weeks ago I cooked potato soup and that italian soup. Another weekend I cooked a huge crockpot of cafe rio pulled pork for tacos and things and more potato soup. This weekend I cooked a delicious crockpot of split pea soup and this white chicken chili. Try it. It's great.

I can do about a hundred pushups from my knees, but not hardly any "real" pushups. How embarrassing. So, about a week ago I decided to do sets of real pushups every night before bed. I'm up to three sets of ten folks. :) Yippee! In a few days I'm going to do the "100 pushups a day for a week" challenge and see if I can do it.

.....And I want to eat this. Now.


Off I go to a meeting...and then to class.... til 7:00 tonight... oh the life. :)

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