Thursday, February 28, 2013

What grad school looks like.

Grad school, oh grad school.

I really do love it... but man... it's like running a marathon...

...or something...since I've never actually run a marathon and haven't had any desire to do so.

But, this is what grad school looks like for me right now.

(And yes, pictures are worth 1000 words...may not try to explain why though. ;) )

- I'm doing research right now for my job (and it looks like I'll be doing it for the rest of my time here) and part of that is submitting a proposal to present at a conference in Chicago in the Fall.

- Things like this make me think things like "holy cow, I'm not old enough for this..."

- And then I think "Am I really this old?"

-Thesis stuff is hard. Some people just pick a piece of someone else's research and use it for their thesis. That definitely has its benefits, but nothing was interesting enough to me to want to do it for my thesis, so I'm coming up with my own project. Sheesh... it's hard work folks.

- And then I realize how grateful I am for the adviser I chose. He's invested enough in what I'm doing that he does things like spend hours each night studying a difficult book about a certain theory so that I don't have to read anything that's not going to be worth my time.

- Thank goodness I have a rocking immune system. For the past few days (since Saturday-ish) I've been feeling a little like a cold is coming on...but my immune system has been fighting it and I'm totally exhausted but haven't gotten sick yet. Whew.

- And then I realize that if my immune system is going to take care of me, I should pay extra attention to making sure I take care of it. Bring on the green smoothies, lots of water, enough sleep, and exercise.
Dear immune system,  Keep fighting germs. I don't have time to be sick. I'll see what I can do to help. Thanks, love Lindsay.

- And then there are days like yesterday... when I can barely get myself out of bed because apparently what my immune system needs right now is sleep... and then I have a meeting from 10-11, meeting #2 from 11-12:15, mentoring from 12:15-12:50 (that I had to miss the first hour of because of meeting #2), meeting #3 from 12:50-1:30, meeting #4 from 1:30- 2:30, and then at 2:45 realizing I hadn't even had time for lunch yet, was mentally exhausted, and collapsed in my office til 5:30 working on a midterm.

- And my hair is still falling out and I have massive zits that like to pop up now and then on my jawline, and I say "thanks but no thanks mr stress".

- Taking time to do dishes is a much needed break in my schedule... mental recovery perhaps. I put my computer on the counter while I do dishes and watch Dateline or Chopped or something. Good times.

- My next two Saturdays are totally taken with conferences I have to attend...the one in two weeks I have to present at. Goodbye weekends.

-But good thing for BYU Basketball. The games have given me my sports outlet that sort of tides me over til football season. :) Go coug's. It was a great fight against Gonzaga tonight. I'm proud..only losing by a few to the #2 team? Excellent.

-My time at Zumba each week along with my workouts I do at home was much-needed "me time". "Me time" meaning time I spend on myself...not time I spend on my homework. :) Unfortunately with this bunion problem I've been having, it's getting bad enough that I can barely walk...let alone do Zumba.

- Which means that I'm meeting with the foot doctor on Monday and will most likely be having foot surgery within the next month. Hopefully sooner rather than later. I miss being able to walk like a normal functioning human being lol. I look like a dork having to basically put all my weight on the outside of my foot when I walk...and it's doing a number on my knee.

-But gosh... I sure love working up a good sweat and leaving it all on the floor.

Source: via Lindsay on Pinterest

- I still feel pretty cool that I have my own office, am on a first name basis with most of the professors, have access do the building after hours, have codes to the locked doors in the building, and am getting paid to go to school.

- And I'm grateful that I had a little prodding to come to grad school even though it wasn't exactly what I'd planned.

- And it's hard... and if I can get my  midterm done before class tonight I'll feel much better about the rest of this semester... all downhill from here baby. :) Update: I did.

-And you know what else is so great? The girls in my office have seriously become some of my best friends in the world.

Source: via Lindsay on Pinterest

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