Sunday, March 10, 2013

My foot: the saga

My poor left foot...

It's had so many problems.

Once I sprained my ankle so bad that my lateral cuneiform bone (see picture below and pretend it's a left foot) twisted and healed in a twisted position... it was bad news. I had to get lots of steroid shots and things to get the tendons and ligaments to relax so it could get pushed back into the right position.

I also had a really bad plantars wart on the bottom of my left foot in high school. It hurt bad enough that I started favoring it and gave myself knee problems. Good times. I had to get anti-cancer virus shots shot into it to get rid of it.

Sidenote: those shots were miraculous. I'm a believer. :)

Fast forward.

I've had a bit of a bunion on my left foot for as long as I can remember. My feet are already slightly wide and so it's not like I was wearing problematic narrow shoes in the first place so the little bit of extra wideness was more annoying than painful...

But in the past year or so it's started progressing.

This isn't a picture of my foot but it looks similar as far as angles and things.

The long metatarsal bone for my big toe has sort of rolled out and off of the two little round sesamoid bones that it sits on top of... it's creating bad angles and things, but the biggest problem is that the sesamoid bone on the right (the one you can't see in this x ray) is getting all the pressure, the sesamoid bone on the left is popping up between the other two bones (it kills!) and my foot can no longer support my weight....which is

For a while I basically stopped running and things, then I had to stop zumba just recently (jumping is basically impossible), things like pushups are super difficult because my left foot is so unstable, walking is terribly awkward and painful, and it's to the point that even standing for a long time to wash dishes hurts...

...basically since it's impossible to not walk or stand my foot always hurts. the end. lol.


Back at Christmas time I thought I was going to have the chance to participate in a pain med study and get my bunion fixed for free...

...and then because of people that weren't honest and some other things, I got shafted and didn't get it done.

*** I had to wait, but guess what?!


You have no idea how excited I am. :)

I may even start running again-- even though I hate running-- simply because I've missed even having the option to do so. :)


I'll keep you posted. One of my best friends is a fantastic artist (she's a hair stylist and an artist and draws the COOLEST things on just about everything...ukeleles, canvas shoes and hats, etc...) and she said that she'll decorate my cast for me if it's one of those that you can.

If it's not we'll hang posters from it or something. ;) Jk.

Aaaaand on that note,

Back to homework. :)

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