Monday, April 1, 2013

An early April Fool's...

 The other night we grilled steak and oysters and ate them with our friends.

I'd never had oysters before (I think they were the last of the major shell fish that I hadn't tried), but I'll try anything.

This isn't one of the best ones, but it wasn't mine. :)

So, not knowing what they tasted like, I picked a small one and began eating.

I was gagging...

... like seriously.

And if you know me, basically nothing makes me gag... sour milk products do...but very little besides that.

So I gagged.

...and kept eating...

...until I couldn't handle it anymore.

Bryan suggested I should try his because maybe mine was bad.

I did.

It was yummy.

Yes, I ate a bad oyster...

....and am still dealing with the food-poisoning-like consequences two days later.

But, on a happier note,

I nailed the steaks. :)

I rock. :)

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  1. i didn't like oysters the first time i tried them, but now i love them too! way to go on the steaks :)