Monday, May 13, 2013

From Surgery to 13.1

I'm getting really antsy being in this cast.

I like working out, and this foot injury and surgery have really put a damper on that for a long time.

I had to quit Zumba and running because my foot was getting so bad, so I was doing stuff like weight lifting and boxing and whatever... I did a 3 week "squats challenge" where, by the end of 3 weeks I was doing 250+ squats at a time.

But it's all really difficult when recovering from surgery.


The good thing has been that I am really wanting to do things like RUN! I am NOT a runner and I don't particularly enjoy running, but I WANT TO RUN! That's what happens after being restricted for so long I suppose.

And so...

... my friends have convinced me to do the Provo Halloween Half Marathon with them.

It gives me nearly 23 weeks to rehabilitate my foot and train for a half marathon.

I'm sort of FREAKING OUT because I've never ran a real race before, and I haven't run more than like 3 miles in basically forever because of my foot.

But, I want to do it. Crazy, I know.


I'm making myself feel better by telling myself that if I'm going to do one, this is the one to do because it's ALL downhill. :) Check out the elevation profile.

So I'm going to do it. (*gah*). My friends will help me stay motivated, I think I've convinced Bryan to do it with me, and we'll see what happens. :)


The plan- I found two "training schedules" I think I'm going to model my training by.

I looked for a couch to 5k program that was gradual enough that I plan to give my foot plenty of time to heal, time to relearn how to walk normally, and time to break in a new pair of running shoes after all this. 

I also looked for plans that valued cross training because I think if I had to give up all things like weight training and yoga and kickboxing and hiking for the rest of the summer, I'd go crazy. I don't love running THAT much. Here are a few half marathon training programs I'm looking at. #1, #2.

And so, here's to (hopefully) only one more week of this cast, and then off to the races!

I'll try to hold myself accountable here on ye olde blog. :) 

We'll see how this goes!

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