Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Gap and Ender's Game: Two random things that were too short for individual blog posts :)

Why hello everybody.


I realized that I basically had no good tshirts, and a friend (who I trust in all things fashion because, let's be honest, I don't always know these things) said she gets hers at Gap sometimes.

So off I went.

I did some bargain shopping there, and am pleased to say I got 4 tshirts (that for some insane reason would have normally totaled nearly $100) for $45. Thank you very much.

I like them. This is one of them.

Unfortunately, I have never had worse customer service before in my life.

Nobody ever welcomed me to the store or asked me if I was finding everything and all that. 

I stood at the dressing room doors for a really long time (in plain sight) waiting for someone to come unlock the door for me.

When they didn't come I went out near the check out stand where the guy checking people out, a worker girl, and a customer (who they clearly knew) sat and chatted. I stood next to the girl with arms full of clothes and when their conversation ended she walked past me and went out to do some other random stuff.

I followed her and when she finally stopped I asked her if she would open a room for me and she did.

Then when I went to check out, the guy that was at the checkout stand earlier was nowhere to be found, so I went over into the Gap Body side of the store to check out. The girl at the stand didn't speak to me at or make eye contact with me except to tell me my total (she just said the price), and to say "have a good day" after I said it to her when she handed me the bag at the end.

Seriously people? I was NOT impressed.

Good thing I got my shirts on sale or I'd be complaining for real. That was ridiculous.


And on that note, ENDER'S GAME HAS A TRAILER!!! :) Enjoy.

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