Thursday, June 6, 2013

Update- whew! It's been a while!

So it's officially been FOREVER since I've

There are a few reasons....

-We went to Six Flags with my brother and Bryan's brother.

-I'm studying for the Master's exam-- the "make or break" test that determines whether I am still in my master's program...I study for hours and hours each week.

-I'm working way hard on my thesis.

-I'm working really hard for my job (research).

-...and somewhere in all that I'm trying to maintain sanity. :)


At some point soon (I'm sort of in between computers) I'll upload some pictures... some pictures of my beautiful foot (that still looks really gnarly), and some pictures of our six flags vacation.


As for now?

Well, I'm rehabbing my foot/body... good times. The joint in question on my foot is still incredibly stiff and swollen and I'm still working hard to get back its full range of motion.

But, I went for a jog last night. :) I went for probably a mile and a half... I jogged REALLY slowly (it took probably a half hour) but I did it... :)

Hopefully my foot starts working a little better, and hopefully I get my cardiovascular endurance back up soon!

On the other days I've been working out other ways. Here are a few quickie videos I've found that I can do in a pinch and are awesome.

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