Monday, August 5, 2013

Life lately

Life lately has been pretty crazy!

Hopefully I'll get some posts up soon of our adventures.

For now, let it be known that I'M SO READY FOR SCHOOL TO BE OVER. 


Mostly I mean for the summer. Sometimes I mean for good but that feeling ends after a short break from school. 

This is the last week of class and after I finish the final next week I'll have my FIRST BREAK FROM SCHOOL SINCE CHRISTMAS! YIPPEE!

I still have to work on my thesis during the break-- I'm writing like a madwoman-- but my work contract ends and doesn't start again until Fall, so I get 2 weeks off work (except tying up loose ends since I don't want to leave a mess for myself come September 3) and 2 weeks off of homework. 

2 weeks doesn't seem like that long, but hey Jack, I'll take whatever I can get.

I caught some sort of a bug this weekend (I'm almost positive it's because I've run myself so ragged) but I'm slowly recovering and hopefully I can finish off this term with a bang!


On that "ending with a bang" note, can I just say that I have completed 77% of my grade in my class and currently have 100%? Lol.. that's never happened before in basically all of my college career. I'll take it in grad school for sure.

I'm the kind of person who is totally satisfied with an A- or a B+ if it means keeping some sort of sanity and all that, and a lot of the time "doing my best" gets me an A- or a B+... but this time around it's gotten me 100% so far! :) I'll take it. It takes off a lot of the pressure of the final, that's for sure.


I think Bryan is just as ready to be done as I am. He's been doing research both for work and for a class all summer long...lots of hours, lots of late nights, lots of volunteer hours, etc... I think little break will be good even though he'll still have to work some during those weeks.


AAAND on that note, it wouldn't be a blog post without a few internet finds. 

And finally

Have a great week everybody.

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