Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Lately I'm...


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This is fascinating, inspiring, and pretty disturbing...but I watched it last night while I did chores and think it's worth watching. I am very grateful that I've never had to be in such a horrible, difficult situation. (This is a dateline episode about the events that took place eventually uncovering and incriminating Warren Jeffs- the FLDS leader).

I love Bill Nye and appreciate a good cha cha.

Cute. :)


-I made my own version of this Pork Chile Verde recipe. We're talking home-grown and home-roasted peppers and all. It was so dang good... I'm a sucker for a good chile verde and it's pretty hard to come by. I seriously lick out my bowl and lick my fingers when I've been eating this. YUM.

-A teeny slice of parmesan cheese. I love cheese... the saltier, the better. 

I love the rain, I love cool Fall weather, and I LOVE THUNDER STORMS!

I love Utah's sproadic weather. Yesterday this is what it looked like from my driveway. One shot is facing North East, the other is South West. At the same moment.

-Oh, I also started a Pilates class Monday for a little bit of cross training. It was more of a mix of yoga and pilates. I really enjoyed it.


-that I was more motivated to get my homework done

-that I had more time to do things like clean and cook and sleep

-that it was easier to make major life decisions :) 

Looking forward to

SATURDAY! It's Bryan's birthday (he'll be an old man! 24! :D), and It's the BYU UTAH FOOTBALL GAME! GO COUGARS!

Be there, or be square.

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