Tuesday, October 15, 2013

the post you write when you're too swamped to write anything but a thesis

This is the kind of post you write when you're swamped and you don't have the energy to write much because all "writing energy" is going to your thesis because you really need to finish the framework and lit review so you can actually move on to the methodology and defend this blasted proposal but unfortunately you still have actual classes and research work as well so you can't spend all of your energy on your thesis but really you need to.

It doesn't have very many words except for the first rambling paragraph.

Yes my half marathon is in a week and a half. No, I wouldn't say I feel ready. Someone should show up holding that parade sign.

I want an office like this real bad. I don't like being enclosed in teeny rooms so this open thing is awesome. Then my kitchen table wouldn't look like this when I work on my thesis:

When I have babies they'll wear things like this:

and I'll take pictures like this:

And this,

makes me really want to watch Iron man instead of being a responsible human being and doing all my work and homework. :)

Bonus: A "your mom" joke.

Buenas noches mis amigos.

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