Monday, November 25, 2013

My trip to Chicago in pictures- The City

I was in Chicago for an academic conference (PME-NA) so I didn't do a whole lot of touristy stuff, but what I did do I loved! 

If my vote counts for anything, I think I'd choose Chicago over Manhattan any day... maybe that's blasphemous, but that's my opinion. :) 

Here are pictures!

The City

There's just something about city lights at night... love it.

This was the play we went to... all the people you see are the audience. We were right in the room with the actors!

Windy City

This was the crazy storm that came through on Sunday! The tornados were a few hours away but we got hit hard by the rain. 


  1. Awesome pics, Cuz! Thanks for making me want to get back to Chi-Town ASAP!!

    1. Hey, thanks cuz. I'd go back so fast! :) It was awesome.