Monday, December 9, 2013

Life lately: episode COLD

The high today is something like 16. It's currently 5 degrees. Whew. COLD.

But anyway, in our last weeks of class before finals (read: crazy), we've still been able to have some fun and get in a little trouble.

Enjoy some pictures. :)

Our Marriott Center gingerbread house. Look for: Jimmer with the basketball, refs, cosmo, and Cecil Samuelson giving us thumbs up. :) 

Hanging out with this cutie. 

Fun sibling time with Bryan's family.  

Chocolate chocolate pomegranate cookies. YUM

Leaf party with a GIANT leaf pile.

Visiting with family from out of town (good to see you guys!). 

Attacking Bryan and dumping him in the leaf pile while Jeff takes pictures. 

Jumping out of the tree into the leaves. Don't ask me why I plugged my nose. No idea. 

Taking more pictures of this cutie. 

Aaaand then the snow and the cold came. (At the leaf party a week ago Saturday it was in the 50s. Today it's 5. (This was only 12 hours into this season's snow... there's much more now. 

It was so dang icy on Tuesday that I slid into a ditch trying to turn up my road. Dumb. 

Homemade Zuppa Tuscona. YUM

Going to Melanie's awesome play! 

Going bowling with our AWESOME friends. 

This game was so frustrating! Apparently I have no ability to finish out and get a spare... how many 9, - 's did I get? Sheesh. 

And that's all for now folks! :) Enjoy the cold, stay safe, and have a GREAT time getting ready for Christmas! :)

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