Monday, January 20, 2014

You know you're a last-year grad student when... 1st installment

You know you're a last-year grad student when

  • You stay up late after a Sherlock party and work on your thesis until 2:00 am because that's when the ideas are flowing.
  • You're spending most of the holiday on a 3-day weekend working on your thesis...the ideas are flowing, you're motivated, and you want to get this stinking proposal defended. 
  • You laugh really hard at jokes about grad school, theses, dissertations, etc... and you send them to your grad school friends because they can relate.
  • You realize you need to plan what you're doing with your life...something you avoided the first time you graduated college by going back to school again.
  • You have no idea what your resume should look like now because it's been more than 6 years since you had to submit a resume for a job, and the "updated" one you wrote in your communications class 3+ years ago is totally antiquated. 
  • You're really excited when your house is clean(ish) and organized, and clean hair feels like a huge accomplishment. :) 
  • Every once in a while you rebel and shut yourself in a room and read an entire book (for fun) because you want to read something for pleasure again.
  • You ask for a stack of new books for Christmas even though you know you won't have time to get through them until probably October.
  • You really really enjoy getting to just do a math problem once in a while... all this reading and writing about math and learning math and stuff is DRAINING!
  • Your Christmas decorations are still up-- it took you long enough to get them up that you'd like to enjoy them for a while... and you don't really have time to take them down.


  1. Haha, clean hair is a distant memory :) Aside from the math problems, I can totally relate!

    1. I feel like not many people can relate to the statement "I like doing math problems" ha ha. Yeah, I washed my hair today... took me til 1:00 to get makeup on, and my hair still isn't done, but it's clean darn it! :)