Monday, February 24, 2014

Warm sun... and my fair skin

I'm loving this warm weather. Lifts the spirits and all that cheesy stuff.

But the sun.

The sun and I have a complicated relationship.

Let me illustrate.


Yesterday at 3:05

Scene: Our porch/backyard, sitting in chairs on the grass while our home teacher visited with us.

Length of time: 30 minutes

My position: Back to the sun

My attitude: Happy to be in spring weather


Yesterday at 4:00

Scene: In our kitchen

State of my neck: Quite red... a burn, in fact

Our conversation:
Me: Bryan, want to see what happens to us fair skinned people the first warm sunshine of the season? 


Me: Yup. 

Bryan: You burn as easily as, as... um, I'm trying to think of a food that burns really easily. What foods burn easily? 

Me: Um, I don't know... nuts burn easily if you're toasting them in a pan on the stove.

Bryan: You burn as easily as nuts in a pan on the stove.

Me: Glad I could give you that analogy to use on me. 

Bryan: Anytime. 

Welcome to springtime. :) 

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