Thursday, March 13, 2014

Weird dream

So I have really crazy dreams. Runs in the family. (We call them "Workman dreams".)

Usually they're pretty scary and I can only tell other family members (who have similar dreams) about them or people think I'm psycho.

But, last night I had a dream that's not too crazy to share. :)


So, in this dream there was this group of people. They were kind of like hippies or something, but not. They were really into living naturally, adapting to the earth, all of that.

I think they had decided that the earth's air was getting too polluted, so they decided that they were going to train themselves to be able to breath underwater and get their oxygen from the water.

So, they went to this big lake or ocean and about a dozen of them got in a big cage and the cage was lowered into the water.

They stayed under the water just hanging out, and they could all breath water.

I was invited to come see what it was all about. They promised me that I too would be able to breath the water and wouldn't need a tank of air.

So, I lowered myself down into the water and climbed in the cage. The people were all doing fine, and as long as I didn't panic, I seemed to be able to breath fine.

Well, then this doctor/scientist guy decided that if we were all going to start living under water, he needed to find out if/how certain deadly diseases did or didn't spread when everybody was living underwater.

He lowered himself down into the water and started infecting all of these people in the cage with deadly diseases.

I quickly sneaked through the bars of the cage and swam underneath the cage. There were a few other people hiding under there too that didn't want to be infected with deadly diseases (can't imagine why).

At that point I must have panicked and felt like I could no longer breath the water, because I woke up. :)

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