Tuesday, July 1, 2014

Life these days: 23+ weeks, theses, heat, and lots of honey

It's been a while since I've blogged! Life's a bit crazy these days.

As far as el bebé sin nombre goes, here's what's going on lately:

How far along: 23 1/2 weeks

Here's an awkward, obligatory belly picture. 

Symptoms, sleep, clothes: all basically the same as the last post... I've been dealing with some kind of insane fatigue some days though which translates into tunnel vision and being sweaty and clammy and having to come home from church 20 minutes in... but I'm trying hard to keep that under control and stay hydrated and keep my blood sugar stable and all that.

Exercise and being healthy: Still doing water aerobics, trying to do some yoga and weight lifting here and there, and I started doing a barre workout. It's crazy how fast you can lose strength and endurance, and how much energy my body must be using just to grow this little guy and keep myself upright. I'm finally able to eat most vegetables again, so now the trick is getting back into the habit of using and eating them. That's trickier than you might think after like 5 months of not being able to.

Movement: K this little guy seriously must be learning to kick box or tumble or do gymnastics in there. He moves a ton! His most active times are mid afternoon (like 1:00-4:00) and then again from about 10:00 pm to 1:00 am. I usually go to bed around midnight, so that's always fun lol. He likes to use the side that I'm laying on as a trampoline when I try to go to sleep. The other night it felt like the cha cha... stomp KICK stomp KICK lol. It's kinda weird/creepy/cool too because now we can see tons of his movements through my shirt. Bryan can feel lots of stuff now too which is fun.

His favorite spot to hang out is squished into the right side of my torso right up in my liver and ribs. Not sure how great that's going to feel when he's 7.5 lbs intead of 1.5 lbs, but you know...

Name: As you may have guessed by the intro to this section where I waxed spanish, he still has no name, and we're not close either unfortunately.

Other things going on in our lives: 


We did an early honey harvest a week and a half ago on one of our hives and got like 90 lbs of honey. It was pretty amazing. It's delicious and wonderful and raw and whatnot. (I'm also still finding mysterious honey spots on random places in our house and car lol.)

***We're going to try to sell a bunch of it (to fund our baby and all that), so if you'd like any, let me know! (Email me, call me, facebook me, whatever.) Here's our flyer we made.

Inspiration: In light of all the dialogue going on right now about various social, moral, and legal things, I was reading about healthy communication in a talk called "What are you thinking?" by Elder W. Craig Zwick. It gives great guidance for how to improve communication in all of our different relationships (with a spouse, children, friends, society, etc). Here was my favorite part:

"All of us... have regretted jumping headlong from the high seat of self-righteous judgement and have spoken with abrasive words before we understood a situation from another's perspective. We have all had the opportunity to learn how destructive words can take a situation from hazardous to fatal.

"A recent letter from the First Presidency states clearly, 'The gospel of Jesus Christ teaches us to love and treat all people with kindness and civility--even when we disagree'..."

I really like that and I think it's a great reminder for all of us.

Theses: We're both so very busy with our theses... we're both doing copious amounts of data collection (which in Bryan's case means traipsing all over Utah), and I'm beginning my analysis. It's a lot of hard work, a lot of hours, and makes us pretty tired. But, it's good. We are really grateful to be getting an education under such favorable circumstances and we're working our butts off to take full advantage of all our opportunities.

Heat: I'd just like to say that I've never done real well in really hot weather... I love summer nights (makes summer worth it) but the heat of the day has always killed me! Being pregnant makes it even more fun. Lol. We're going to be outside for a lot of things later on in this week and I'm going to have to strap a gallon of water to my side and always be scouting out shade.

Anyway, that's our lives nowadays! We're really busy but we still try to find time to have a little fun, celebrate birthdays and things with our families, and start getting ready for this baby to come. Have a wonderful holiday week!

I'll end with a cute picture of my cute niece and Bryan's sister Nicole at Nicole's birthday celebration yesterday.

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