Monday, November 24, 2014

Lincoln's Blessing Day

Yesterday was Lincoln's blessing day.

It was a really great day. I'm grateful for a husband who holds the Priesthood and lives worthily so that he can do this for our family.

Lincoln was blessed with some wonderful things. He's a special little boy and we're very grateful that he's in our family.

It was so fun to have so much family around to celebrate with us!

(The rest of mom's family didn't want to be in pictures, and Bryan's other grandma and grandpa had to leave after church so we don't have pictures of them from yesterday.)

And now, on to the pictures. :)

4 Generations of Merrill Men :) Pretty cool.

4 Generations on my mom's side. Can I just mention, Grandpa Jones does NOT look old enough to be a great grandpa, right? 
Lincoln meeting Whitney for the first time. Good snuggles. :) 

Lincoln meeting Ventsi for the first time

Annie got Lincoln to fall asleep finally after he fought it for hours

And now a few quick pictures I took of the star of the show.

Lincoln wore the same blessing outfit that Bryan did when he was blessed 25 years ago. :) 

In some light, Lincoln's hair looks so strawberry blonde it's crazy! Some lights it looks just white-blonde. We'll see what happens!

My sweet boy. :)

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