Saturday, February 14, 2015

4 months!

Lincoln is 4 months old!


I can't say time is flying by, but that's because our lives are crazy right now and days are long.

Lincoln is an adorable, loud, very opinionated little boy. :)

He has two main demeanors: super happy and smiley, and screaming his head off (purple face and all).

I seem to remember when I was still pregnant with him saying something along the lines of, "I have a feeling that this little boy will be very strong-willed and opinionated." Was I right? or was I right? :)

This month brought his first ear infection, his first taste of rice cereal (a few days ago), his first sun glasses, his first oil change with dad (man chores), and a lot more personality!

He's mostly in 6 month clothes, but anything like pajamas he wears 9 month sizes because he's so tall. I measured him at at least 25 inches, and I'm pretty sure he's about 16 lbs, but we'll see on Monday at his doctor's appointment.

Anything with a

Smiling for grandpa's phone

Lincoln loves:
-being talked to
-talking to mom and dad
-sitting up
-eating (rice cereal with cinnamon)
-his dad
-anything with a screen
-Peter Pan
-Anything on TV really (sports games, etc)
-playing "rough"
-cloudy, breezy days (just like momma)
-biting/gnawing on things
-running faucets
-hanging out and splashing in the tub
-sucking and gnawing on his pointer finger and thumb (at the same time-- he gets them back in his cheek and chews and slurps)
-reading books (being read to)
-ceiling fans
-licking things
-the taste of medicine
-smiling, until the camera comes out, then he is serious as he inspects the camera

Lincoln hates:
-when we won't share our food
-laying down
-being strapped down or in anything
-being alone
-us even thinking about making him nap
-when food doesn't come 10 seconds before he wants it
-the sun in his eyes in any way shape or form (just like momma- hence his first sunglasses)
-having his hands covered (by blankets or anything)

Long, tiring "month-birthday" yesterday. 

Lincoln spent a good 15 minutes licking the back of this cracker last night at Brick Oven so that I could finish eating. :) So, momma's leftovers and Lincoln's leftovers. :) 

Because he has like one face when the camera comes out, I tried to hold him and hold the camera out to the side and get some more candid shots... it was hilarious. Here are a few of the winners.

Happy 4 months little boy. :)

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