Friday, February 12, 2016

Meet: the Golden Gate Bridge!

A few Saturdays ago we took our first trip up to the Golden Gate Bridge.

Bryan had been there before in high school, but I never had.

It took us 4 months of living here to get up there, which is sort of silly...but I have a bit of anxiety (and therefore dislike) about finding parking in big cities and driving on one way streets (lol... I know), so we just haven't gone up.

But, the lady we bought our bike trailer from (craigslist) lived about a mile away from the bridge so it was a nice excuse to get over there.

We walked out onto the bridge but didn't end up crossing it; Lincoln and I were fighting bad colds and the cold wind was killing my ears. So we'll be back sometime and we can cross the whole thing.

It was fun! I occasionally like being the nerdy tourist who visits iconic sites and takes way too many pictures... Just occasionally though. ;) Usually I'm content to be more of a homebody (and probably still take way too many pictures).

"Dot! Dot! Dot!"

Looking west toward the ocean

Lincoln analyzing his zipper in the bathroom

The east side of the bridge looking North(ish)

Bryan won't let me buy a selfie stick. lol. 

The west side of the bridge, looking North(ish)

The wind was a bit strong.

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