Wednesday, February 17, 2010

This is cool- Ogden Temple Remodel

Check this out!!!

They're going to remodel the Ogden Temple. The new one is going to be SO pretty.

But, here's the thing...
I wonder if they're going to do the Provo one too?

They were both built the same year,

and they both look the same.

I hope that if they do, they don't do it in the next year...

Because I'm going to get married in the Provo temple...

and it's not like I have a "backup favorite temple." 

I don't imagine they would at least until the Payson Temple is done

or else where would all the missionaries at the MTC go?

Or ALL of BYU campus? (Which is 30000 people, plus any spouses that aren't BYU students.)

So let's hope that Provo is a long time coming if they're planning on doing it too.

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